Inside Edition: What Was on the Show Today?

Deborah Norville Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Inside Edition caught up with four girls who escaped a would-be kidnapper by throwing their coffees at him.

Four girls from Michigan who fought off a suspected kidnapper by dousing him with iced coffees shared their harrowing story with Inside Edition.

The quick-thinking girls, aged between 11 and 14, spoke to Megan Alexander about how they escaped the stranger. Visit here for more of their interview.

Another hero was honored by Walmart after a video showing her returning a shopping cart in a storm went viral. Sue Johnson won a year's supply of free grocery pickup.

Inside Edition also spoke to a man who took footage of a mysterious object hovering above a lake in North Carolina. We found out what he was really seeing.

And amid the Omarosa Manigault Newman-President Trump spat, Inside Edition takes a look back at a dating show they once worked on together, "The Ultimate Merger."

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