Michigan Girls Who Fought Off Suspected Kidnapper by Throwing Drinks at Him: 'Don't Mess With Us'

The girls urged anyone in a similar situation to fight back.

The four brave girls who threw iced coffees and a Slurpee at an alleged predator have a message for their suspected kidnapper: "Don't mess with us."

The drama unfolded as sisters Allison and Lauren Eickhoff, and two other girls were leaving a convenience store at a gas station outside Flint, Michigan, and were approached by a stranger.

“He looked really weird,” Allison, 11, told Inside Edition. “He grabbed me and he, like, covered my mouth and he grabbed my head. He said, ‘You're coming with me,’ and I was, like, in shock.”

The girls showed Inside Edition how they kicked, punched and deployed their drinks. Allison credited her father with teaching her self-defense tricks that especially came in handy.

“Punch 'em, kick 'em, anything to get away and always punch in the throat … they go and stop breathing,” she recalled of his lessons.

Dad Aaron Eickhoff said he is “extremely proud” of all of the girls for what they did. 

Police arrested 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins and charged him with unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, and two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail at the Tuscola County Jail. He has not entered a plea.

When he posed for his mugshot, evidence of the girls' bravery was apparently all over his T-shirt, which was covered in stains from the various beverages.

The girls urged others who might find themselves in a similar situation to “always fight back because you always have a chance."

Millington Police Chief Jason Oliver said the girls thought fast and did the right thing by fighting back.

"We have a summer festival going on," Oliver told InsideEdition.com Tuesday. "The girls went, but it was closed, so they went to get drinks on the way home."