Irish Woman Wins Lottery for More Than $50,000 Twice in a Year

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She said she wanted to see if her luck at run out when she tried the second time.

An Irish woman is more than lucky after she won the lottery twice in one year.

Not only did the Wexford woman win twice, she also won the same amount — $57,884 — on the same scratch-off,  All Cash Platinum.

She first won in April when she bought a ticket from a local store. The second time she won, the ticket came from the same store.

She claims she tried her hand again because she wanted to see just how far her luck would go.

“I just cannot believe that it was another winner! My husband is claiming that he has lucky hands as he scratched both cards but I told him that it's my feet that are lucky as I was the one who walked to the shop to buy the cards when I was out!" she joked.

The woman said she still has a good amount of money left over from the first win, so this time she plans to share the money with her family.