Is an Arrest Coming in the Shooting Death of Prosecutor on Yap Island?

The first phase in the investigation into the death of Rachelle Bergeron is complete, the Yap island governor said.

As an American family mourns the death of a young woman who "just wanted to help everybody," investigators say they have zeroed in on several persons of interest in the fatal shooting of Yap island prosecutor Rachelle Bergeron.

Yap island Gov. Henry S. Falan said in a statement that the first phase of the investigation in Bergeron's death is complete. It led to the identification of persons of interest, he added, though he did not say how many.

The governor added that investigators hope to bring the investigation to a close all together “with an arrest and, ultimately, a conviction."

Bergeron, 33, was shot to death after going for a run with her dog on Oct. 14 on the small Pacific island, where she served as acting attorney general. Her dog was also fatally shot. 

Some people are wondering if she was targeted because of her work. Her career has been focused on human rights issues, and in Yap she worked to end sex trafficking. Girls are reportedly trafficked on the island to merchant marine crewed anchoring there.

"She wanted justice. She wanted to help everybody," her mother, Tammy Bergeron, said. "She had this beautiful balance between justice and doing right, but also compassion and love for people."