Is it Safe to Go Clothes Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Is it safe to go clothes shopping in the age of COVID-19? Some stores are taking extra steps to increase cleanliness.

At Vivaldi on Manhattan's Upper East Side, owner David Trugerman said his dressing rooms are still available, but with major changes.

"We're taking every precaution possible," Trugerman told Inside Edition.

If a customer wants to try something on, he said that when people come out, they disinfect the rooms and vacuum. They also alternate the rooms.

Inside Edition asked NYU professor Dr. Jack Caravanos, a leading expert on environmental health, if it's possible to leave the virus behind after trying on clothes.

"As long as you're social distancing while shopping and wearing a face mask, there really is very little risk," Caravanos said. "If someone was to cough on this blouse, the particles are going to soak into the material and within a day, less than a day, they're going to be inactivated. So there really is no risk in handling this."

Many stores are keeping items off the racks for at least 24 hours after a shopper tries them on but leaves them behind. Cell phone apps that take your measurements from six feet away also mean you don't have to struggle to find the right size. 


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