The Island Featured in the Fyre Festival Promo Can Be Yours for $12 Million

The island used in the Fyre Festival promo can be yours for $12 million.
HG Christie Ltd.

The island featured in the infamous Fyre Festival promo can be yours — for about $12 million.

Saddleback Cay, whose beautiful white, sandy beaches were the star of the advertisement selling a luxury music festival experience, has been listed on HG Christie Ltd.

It should be noted the island is not the one where the ill-fated festival actually took place. 

The private island, accessible only by boat, is 35 acres and has seven beaches. It includes a main house, as well as several cottages. 

But you better act quickly, should you have millions to spare. Realtor John Christie told CNN interest in the island is great, particularly with the recent release of two Fyre Festival documentaries.


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