'The Jerry Springer Show' Halts Production After 27 Years

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There will be no more knockdown, drag-out fights as "The Jerry Springer Show" halts production after 27 years on the air.  

The show debuted in 1991 as a regular talk show, but by the mid-to-late 1990s, Springer turned to over-the-top guests and crazy topics in a bid to boost ratings.

There was a brief period when it even rivaled Oprah Winfrey's daytime show in terms of popularity.

Springer was able to see the humor in what he did, once telling Inside Edition, "No one should watch the show for counseling. In fact, if you watch the show, you should get counseling."

The show has been accused of staging its epic fights. Over time, the ratings dropped and viewers fled.

Now, after nearly 4,000 shows, the lights will go out on “The Jerry Springer Show" — but the insanity won't be soon forgotten.


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