Jessica Simpson Blasted Online Over Video of Son Doing Flip While in Arm Cast

The singer posted a video of the backflip with the caption, "A broken bone doesn't hold this kiddo down."

It was an epic backflip as Jessica Simpson's 4-year-old son is tossed into the air and lands, feet first, in the pool — but some are blasting the singer because the child’s arm was in a cast.

Simpson posted the clip to Instagram Monday of her husband, Eric Johnson, tossing little Ace high above the pool and into the water. As he hits the water in slow motion, a green cast can be seen on the child's left arm. 

She posted the video with the caption: "A broken bone doesn't hold this kiddo down."

After the video, some took the singer to task. 

“The most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent!” said one commenter

"Stupid move" was another negative comment.  

But at the same time, some of Jessica's loyal fans came to her defense.  

“There is nothing wrong with this," said one. 

“Love this!" wrote another. "For those of you think you are perfect and keep your kid in a bubble.. GET A LIFE!"

Last week, Simpson posted a photo of Ace right after he was fitted for the cast. 

"This kid is breaking more than just hearts these days," she said in the caption.

Simpson has not commented on the backlash.