Jewish Teens Save Man With Swastika Tattoo From Drowning

The Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Massachusetts.
Getty Images / Boston Globe / Contributor

A group of Jewish teens are being hailed heroes for saving a man with a swastika tattoo on his hand, according to police. 

The teens were walking around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir outside Boston College in Massachusetts on May 17 when they noticed the man partially submerged in the water. 

They then ran for help, alerting Boston College Police Officer Carl Mascioli, who was on patrol. Mascioli dashed down the bank to pull the man to safety. 

"While I was pulling him out of the water, I also observed that he had a swastika on his hand," Mascioli told WBTS-TV.

He felt it was his duty to speak to the kids about it.

"I kind of let the gentlemen know sometimes some deeds have a funny way of turning around," Mascioli said. "Their good deed had a little bit of a twist to it."

The man will make a full recovery, thanks to the teens, police said.


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