John Cusack Accused of Not Standing During Military Salute at Baseball Game

John Cusack at an event.
Getty Images

The actor is fighting back, saying he did stand up, just not fast enough.

Actor John Cusack is fighting back after being accused of not standing during a military salute at a baseball game.

A photo was snapped of the 52-year-old actor in the stands at Chicago's Wrigley Field during a Cubs game Wednesday night. At the moment the photo was taken, everyone around him was standing, except for the actor. 

Reaction online had been fierce, but Cusack is firing back, denying he was being disrespectful. 

Taking to Twitter, he said, “I stood up- just not on [cue] - like an obedient pet.”

He also slammed the president, saying, “Trump. Wraps himself in the us flag – literally hugs it. You think he’s a patriot?”

The fourth inning incident took place during a salute to the military sponsored by the aircraft giant Boeing.