Just in Time for Black Friday, How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Stress

Inside Edition got some advice from retail expert Hitha Herzog.

Black Friday pandemonium has become an annual occurrence as bargain-hungry shoppers battle it out for those post-Thanksgiving, hard-to-resist deals, but there are ways to make your shopping a little less stressful.

Inside Edition got tips from retail expert Hitha Herzog, who is ready to assist shoppers looking to navigate the Black Friday deals. 

Here's how to spot the real bargains.

"If you are seeing items discounted from 10 to 20 percent — that is not really a deal," she said. "Look for items that are discounted 30 to 40 percent and beyond." 

Next tip is to know which days are the best to shop.

"Contrary to popular opinion, Black Friday isn’t the best day to get all of the merchandise," Herzog claims. "If you are willing to go out on Thanksgiving Day, you will get amazing discounts on video games, computers and sporting goods." 

Herzog advises hitting consumer electronics first.

"You are going to see discounts of 40 percent and a lot of these retailers have a specific stock and you want to make sure you get those electronics before they run out," she said. 

If you're buying online right before Black Friday, here's a way to trick the shopping cart.

"Put all of your items in your online shopping cart then you take them out before Black Friday, retailers will more than likely send you a coupon on Black Friday on those items to entice you to shop more," she claims. 

Then, there is the easiest tip of all — take it slow. 

"Take a breath, do your research, make sure you know what you want and you are not buying a lot of extra stuff. If you do that, it will make sure you have a happy holiday season," Herzog said. 

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