Kentucky Couple Says Groom's Drink Was Spiked With Adderall Before Wedding: 'The Scariest Moment of My Life'

Billy Engle says he does not remember his own wedding after sipping from a drink he was unaware was spiked with Adderall. “It literally looked like he was going to have a heart attack,” his bride Brandy said.

A Kentucky couple’s wedding was ruined, and the groom’s life was put at risk, after they say he consumed a drink spiked with Adderall that led him to suffer an accidental overdose.  

Footage of the wedding showed bride Brandy walking down the aisle, while groom Billy Engle is unable to stop crying.  

Though some may have initially found the moment moving, Brandy said she was unnerved by what she saw.  

“I stopped while I was walking down the aisle cause I seen his face, and I just seen him lose control and just sob it was almost a shock to me because I had never seen him cry before,” she said. “I literally stopped walking ... his entire face was super red, and he was just like sobbing.” 

Brandy said she knew it was not the emotion of the day getting to her groom, noting, “at one point during the wedding, I looked into Billy's eyes, and he couldn’t stop crying. And I had fear in my eyes with a smile on my face, but so scared to death because it looked like he was going to pass out. 

“It literally looked like he was going to have a heart attack,” she continued.  

Brandy also noticed the man officiating their wedding was acting odd.  

“I had to put the flowers over my mouth and whisper … to him, ‘I know pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Engle, you may kiss the bride,’ it is like he forgot what to say... and you could see it in his face that something was really wrong,” she said.  

It turned out that both the groom and their friend who had been ordained to perform the ceremony had both sipped from the same glass.  

“We are 100% sure that his drink was spiked,” Brandy said when asked if someone spiked the drink. “The first clue was that he couldn’t remember anything.” 

A drug test later confirmed that Billy had consumed about 10 Adderall pills, which is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.  

Adderall can be dangerous when taken recreationally or combined with alcohol. According to the American Addiction Centers, combining such stimulants and depressants may damage the central nervous system and potentially increase the risk of accident or seizure.  

The couple said they don’t believe the person who spiked the drink meant to ruin their wedding, but he did.  

“It was the scariest and heartbreaking moment of my entire life,” Brandy said.  

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