LA Mom and Baby Targeted by Robbers Who Followed Them Home Is Latest Incident in Disturbing Trend: Police

Retired LAPD detective Moses Castillo tells Inside Edition there are steps you can take to make sure you're not being followed home.

A woman coming back home from a stroll with her baby was followed by two men who robbed her after she entered her gated driveway, according to police.

When the gate started to open, the men exited their silver sedan and ambushed her in the driveway, demanding her diaper bag.

The incident has the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park on edge.

“The terror that this poor woman went through was horrible with her baby. Now when I come home, I watch to make sure no one is following me before I pull in my driveway,” neighbor Carol Wior said.

In another incident, three robbers ambushed a man and his fiance as they pulled into their driveway. Cops believe the suspects spotted the couple at a high-end club in Hollywood, then followed them 50 miles to their house in Upland. They made off with an $18,000 Rolex watch.

The incidents are part of a disturbing uptick in “follow home” robberies — at least 133 just in Los Angeles. The LAPD has formed a task force to address the issue.

Retired LAPD detective Moses Castillo says there are steps you can take to make sure you're not followed home. First rule — look behind you.

“If it doesn’t feel right and someone’s following you, go to the nearest police station, dial 911 right away. If they are asking you for your money, your belongings, give it to them. Don’t resist,” Castillo said.

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