Is This the Largest Puppy in the World?

At nearly 100 pounds, Arnie, a 5-month-old Great Dane, weighs about as much as a baby hippo.

Clifford the Big Red Dog has nothing on Arnie, a 6-foot-tall Great Dane.

The five-month-old puppy, which weighs nearly 100 pounds, and growing, may just be Britain’s biggest dog.

“I have no idea what he's going to be like when he grows up,” his owner, Julie Reid of South Lanarkshire, told SWNS.

She, her husband and son adopted Arnie — a pup that weighs as much as a baby hippo — after spotting him at the animal shelter.

"When we went in to have a look at him, it was just love at first sight,” she said.

While the family has several other dogs, Arnie doesn't quite fit in with the bunch.

The other pups at their home include two medium-sized French mastiffs, a small French bulldog and two tiny Chinese crested dogs.

“It's so funny taking them for a walk because they're so different in size,” she said.

But in personality, she said, they get along just fine.

"[Arnie] is gentle, loving and so playful,” Reid said. “We are just relieved we have a big enough home to accommodate our new baby hippo.”