Legally Blind Boy Given the Gift of Sight, Just in Time for Christmas

A brain tumor has caused sight difficulties for 8-year-old Angelo Yu.

Angelo Yu, 8, loves to read but the 2nd grader has to hold books right up to his face.

That's because he is legally blind, the side effect of a brain tumor.

Now, the young boy has gotten the best Christmas gift he could ask for, thanks to tech expert Katie Linendoll and her sister, Nadine, an oncology nurse practitioner.

Angelo’s gift arrived in a large box, a pair of electronic glasses called eSight.  

“eSight houses a high speed, high definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at,” their website says. “eSight’s algorithms enhance the video feed and display it on two OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes. Full color video images are seen clearly by the eSight user with unprecedented visual clarity and virtually no lag.

“With eSight’s patented Bioptic Tilt capability, users can adjust the device to the precise position that, for them, presents the best view of the video while maximizing side peripheral vision. This ensures a user’s balance and prevents nausea — common problems with other immersive technologies.”

The 2nd grader from Los Angeles can now read a book the regular way.

“To really see a gadget like this that is truly game changing and allows someone to see — it's remarkable,” Katie Linendoll told Inside Edition.