Less Product, Same Price: How 'Shrinkflation' Is Affecting Your Grocery and Shopping Trips

Consumer shopping expert Trae Bodge shares with Inside Edition an important tip for saving money at the grocery store amid record high inflation.

Many Americans have noticed that things are costing the same, even though they've been downsized. It’s called shrinkflation, and it’s hitting stores everywhere.

With inflation at record highs and post-pandemic supply shortages, many manufacturers are shrinking their products to keep their profit margins up.

Consumers are taking to social media to show it happening, from ice cream, to cereal and even shampoo.

“A lot of consumers like their favorite product, but they don’t want to pay 50 cents or a dollar more for it, so the manufacturers shrink the product instead,” consumer shopping expert Trae Bodge told Inside Edition. 

Another trick companies do is shrink the weight of a product in a package, Bodge says.

“What I would do is look at your favorite brand name, look for a comparable generic, compare the ingredients, make sure they’re comparable and then look at the net weight. You might get more for money by buying the generic,” Bodge said.

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