Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacts to the Viral, Showstopping Moments He Inspired

From an epic "Hamilton"-themed proposal to a little boy rapping his heart out, Lin-Manuel Miranda has opinions. has shared some showstopping moments from people's lives — from an epic "Hamilton"-themed proposal to a little boy rapping his heart out.

But what does the man who inspired these musical moments, Lin-Manuel Miranda, think of them? We asked him during BroadwayCon in New York City as he celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his first musical, "In The Heights."

In the first video, "Pitch Perfect" star David Del Rio proposes to his girlfriend, Katie Wallace, outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where they met nine years earlier when he was performing in "In The Heights."

Miranda, who wrote the music and starred in the show, was impressed.

“Stage door romance – I’ve never heard of such a thing," he said as he watched the video. "Incredible."

In a second video, 6-year-old Leo from New York City channels his inner Miranda to perform a "Hamilton" rap during his school talent show. Miranda wrote the music, lyrics and book, and even starred in the musical.

Miranda's message for him?

“My gosh, just keep wearing that coat. Never stop," he said after watching the performance.

"Hamilton" also took center stage in Elijah Essa's viral moment. The college student, from Louisville, Ky., performed an entire number from the show before dropping to one knee to propose to his girlfriend, Sarah Burnett.

Miranda was blown away by Essa's courage.

“I don’t know how anyone manages stuff like that honestly,” he said. “I remember when I proposed to my wife thinking, 'I am going to hide the band, I am going to do this whole thing.' But then once the ring was in my pocket, I was like, 'Er — marry me!'"

The final viral moment shows William Va'ana, a cashier at a Costco in Maui, Hawaii, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Maui from the popular Disney film Moana. 

Miranda, who wrote the songs for the movie, called Va’ana "awesome" as he watched a clip of him saying "chee hoo!" for two little girls.

Now these superstars know what Miranda thinks of their tour de force performances!