Lori Vallow Daybell Indicted on Conspiring to Murder 4th Husband

Lori Vallow Daybell is charged with conspiring with her brother to kill her former husband. This is the fourth death Daybell has been charged in connection to.

Lori Vallow Daybell, the woman who has been charged in connection to multiple deaths including her two children and her husband's ex-wife, has been indicted for conspiracy to commit murder in the death of her fourth husband Charles Vallow, who was killed nearly two years ago. Investigators submitted the formal charge against Lori Daybell in May and an Arizona grand jury indicted her Tuesday.

"Complex, difficult cases of this nature take time to properly investigate and solve. I appreciate the tremendous number of hours the dedicated officers of the Chandler Police Department have invested, and my office is equally committed to bringing those responsible for Charles Vallow's death to justice," County Attorney Allister Adel said in a news release.

Charles Vallow, who was the father to Joshua "JJ" Vallow and stepfather to Tylee Ryan, was shot and killed when he came to pick up his son for school on July 11, 2019. He was found dead at the scene at a home in Chandler, a city outside of Phoenix. 

Alexander Cox, Lori's brother, called police to notify them he had shot Vallow in an act of self-defense. He was never charged in the fatal shooting of Vallow and in December 2019 died of natural causes, his family said.

The indictment filed at the superior court of Maricopa County reads that Lori Vallow "agreed with Alexander Cox that at least one of them or another would engage in conduct constituting the offense of First Degree Murder."

Lori has always been considered a person of interest in her late husband's death, police said last year.

"With regards to this charge, Lori was not the person who shot Charles, as it was already determined Alex Cox did. Lori has always been a person of interest in this investigation," a spokesperson for the Chandler Police Department previously told Inside Edition Digital.

After Vallow's murder, Lori moved to Rexburg, a city in Idaho where Chad Daybell lived. 

Chad's then-wife, Tammy Daybell, was found dead at her home on Oct. 19, 2019, just weeks after Lori's children, 7-year-old Joshua and 16-year-old Tylee, were last seen alive by family and friends.

Weeks later, Chad and Lori flew to Hawaii and married in November 2019, while both of Lori's children were still nowhere to be found.

Lori and Chad stayed in Hawaii until authorities arrested Lori in connection to the disappearance of her children. She was extradited back to Idaho in February 2020. Chad remained free until the children's bodies were unearthed from his home property in June 2020. He was arrested hours later. 

The couple now faces first-degree murder charges in the deaths of Tammy Daybell, Joshua, and Tylee Vallow. 

Chad Daybell has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His jury trial is scheduled for November. 

Lori's case has been placed on hold after she was deemed not competent to stand trial. A judge transferred her to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

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