Man Arrested in Road Rage Attack That Nearly Blinded Pet Dog, Police Say

A man in San Jose was arrested and charged with animal abuse in connection with a road rage attack, police said.

A California man has been arrested in connection with a road rage attack that nearly blinded a family's pet dog after shattered glass flew into the pup's eyes, police said.

Armando Cano was arrested last week on charges of animal abuse, battery and vandalism, the San Jose Police Department announced Wednesday.

The incident occurred earlier this month when two men attacked a car stopped at a traffic light, police said. A third person jumped out of another vehicle and jumped on the stopped car, then stomped the back windshield until it shattered, authorities said.

San Jose police released a video Wednesday that had been taken of the attack by a witness, saying Cano was the man who bashed in the back window, sending glass shards flying inside the stopped vehicle.

Some of those shards became embedded in the eyes of a Maltipoo named Bambi, whose owner said extensive veterinarian care was necessary afterward and that his dog was nearly blinded. 

The dog owner, who was driving with a woman and another pup, told a local station he was targeted in the road rage attack, because he was going the speed limit and wouldn't drive faster.

When the pet owner stopped at a traffic light, "the first person who was following me got out of his car with his friend [and] started punching me through the window," the driver told KGO-TV. Then the third man ran onto the back of the vehicle and jumped up and down on the back windshield said the driver, who gave only his first name, James, saying he feared reprisals.

San Jose police said investigators were able to identify the third man using the witness video.

Cano was arrested and transferred to the Santa Clara County Main Jail on Nov. 22. He has since been released on bail, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Deputy Felicia Segura told Inside Edition Digital Wednesday. The amount of his bail was not available, she said.

The Santa Clara District Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the case, a spokesman told Inside Edition Digital Wednesday.

Police investigators are working to identify the other men captured in the witness video, authorities said.

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