Man Claims His Dog Was Caught on Camera Playing With a ‘Ghost Dog’

Autumn portrait of a Rhodesian Ridgeback in motion
Getty Images

In the footage, it looks like another dog maybe snuck into the backyard, but Jake DeMarco said that's impossible.

The thought of ghosts, in general, is spooky, but what if the spirit is a playful pup?

Jake DeMarco from Melbourne, Australia, was left confused and creeped out after his dog Ryder was caught on tape playing with what looks like a ghost dog, according to the New York Post.

In the clip, Ryder and a white dog-shaped figure are playfully chasing each other and running around the backyard.

After a few seconds, the white figure seems to just vanish.

In the footage, it looks like another dog maybe snuck into the backyard, but DeMarco said that isn’t the case since his backyard is enclosed.

“The father-of-two said he was shocked at seeing the second pooch in his backyard as he claims it is fully secured by a locked HEIGHT high fence and there would be no way for another dog to get inside,” Caters Clips said.

After seeing the footage, DeMarco says he went outside to see the figure in the flesh, but it disappeared.

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