Man Discovers 2.2-Carat Diamond While Combing Grounds of Arkansas Park for Materials to Make Engagement Ring

Liden found the 2.2-carat yellow diamond on May 7.
The State Parks of Arkansas

A diamond found in an Arkansas state park aids in a future fiance’s dream.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park has been the site of over 121 diamond finds this year alone, and Christian Liden found himself among the lucky this month.

According to the Arkansas State Park news release, Liden found a 2.2-carat yellow diamond on May 7. 

Liden has spent years searching for the perfect components for his fiance's engagement ring, and even longer dreaming about creating the ring himself. 

Liden’s discovery is the largest find in the park since October when another visitor found a 4.4-carat diamond. According to the state park, most of the diamonds found there have minimal inclusions, ending Lindon’s trip with a very valuable find. 

This diamond served as a pivotal piece of the 26-year-old’s search, as he spent the last five years collecting gold pieces for the band portion of the ring.

The Washington resident’s search for the perfect future ring components will continue in Nevada, with a hunt for opals.

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