Man Dons Slinky Red Dress After Losing Fantasy Football Bet

Jose Rivas' sign read: "No $$ needed, I just suck at Fantasy Football."

This Texas man may have underperformed in fantasy football, but hey, at least he won the chance to march around in a billowy red dress.

Jose Rivas was spotted on the streets of Mont Belvieu in a spaghetti-strapped red dress while holding a sign that declares, “No $$ needed, I just suck at Fantasy Football.”

“It was pretty funny. I knew it was going to be hilarious — just took it with a grain of salt,” Rivas told “Gotta pay to play, so if you lose, you gotta pay up."

Although it was a hot Texas day, Rivas said he had a trick up his sleeve — er, skirt.

“The heat, though, was not fun. Texas humidity, that sun," he said. "Good thing it was a dress — no underwear. There was a breeze going."

His friend, Jonathan Lovell, said last year was the fifth year in a row he and a dozen friends decided to put a team together for Fantasy Football.

"I am embarrassed I chose Tom Brady on that last game, and he let me down against smoking Jay Cutler," Rivas said, laughing. "To think Tom Brady would ever let me down."

While Rivas came in a devastating last place, he hasn’t had time to follow through with the dare until recently, when he was reminded he would be booted from the league if he didn’t complete it before the 2018-2019 season began.

"There was not a doubt in my mind [Jose] would actually go through with the bet," his friend Lovell said. "We knew he would."