Man Found Guilty of Rape After Piercing Holes Into Condom Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

A judge ruled that Andrew Lewis' act was a breach of trust.
A judge ruled that Andrew Lewis' act was a breach of trust. (Getty)

A British man who pierced a condom before having sex has sentenced for rape – an act his victim deemed “pure evil.”  

Andrew Lewis, 47, said his intention wasn’t to impregnate his victim during the 2018 encounter, according to his defense attorney. Instead, he was allegedly trying to “improve intimacy,” prosecutors said during his sentencing hearing, according to the Worcester News.

His defense attorney added that his partner insisted he wore protection but he hoped his act would change her mind, the publication reported.

The judge ruled that the woman had only consented to sex if a condom was worn, and the act was “a breach of trust.”

His partner, who was kept anonymous, reportedly caught him by finding a pin and a damaged, used condom in the trash. Additional condoms with holes in them were found in the bedside drawer, reports said.

Lewis had originally pleaded guilty to rape at a magistrate’s court hearing in July, and was sentenced to four years in prison.


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