Man Performs C-Section on Pregnant Fox Killed by Car to Save Her Babies

Chris Rolfe was outside when he saw the mom hit and stopped to check on the animal.

A British farmer came to the rescue of four unborn baby foxes whose mom had been hit by a car. 

Chris Rolfe was outside near Cowfold when he saw the mother get hit and stopped to check on the animal.

Although she'd been killed, he noticed movement in her stomach and immediately knew she was pregnant, he said.

Rolfe quickly performed a cesarean section on the fox with a knife he had in his car.

"I didn't think about it, I just [did] it,” Rolfe told British news agency SWNS.

He put the cubs in his pocket and drove them to his mom’s house, where they cleaned them off.

“We then put them in a cardboard box on top of a heater to keep them warm,” Rolfe’s mom, Jean, said. 

Since then, the pair have been caring for the baby cubs, who are now 7 weeks old.

At first, the cubs had to eat every 20 minutes, but now they are chowing on dog food and frozen baby chicks.

“It has taken a lot of care and effort to look after them. And thankfully all four survived,” Jean said. 

They named the babies Ginger, Biscuit, Big Tip and Little Tip.

Once the cubs are old enough, they will be given over to the Fox Project, an organization that helps put foxes back into the wild. 

"If Chris hadn't stopped, they wouldn't have survived,” Jean said.