Man Tries to Drive Away as His Repossessed Pickup Truck Is Towed

The tow truck driver says he has never seen anything like it.

A Florida driver went ballistic as his Ford F-250 pickup truck was being repossessed. 

The driver saw the truck was already on the hook of a tow truck and jumped into the car, hitting the gas

What followed was a mechanical tug of war as the tow truck and pickup pulled each other in opposite directions. 

Eventually, the pickup was able to overpower the tow and get all four of its tires on the ground, lifting the pickup's front end. 

“That was a first — never seen one of my trucks go up the air like that,” the tow truck driver told Inside Edition. 

Eventually, the pickup truck flew off the tow, but the chain connecting the two vehicles was still attached. Therefore, the driver could not get away. 

Much of the back of the truck appeared damaged from the showdown.