Maryland Police Officer Pushes Middle School Student Out of Path of Oncoming Car

A middle school student was almost hit by a car when an officer pushed them out of the way, just in time.

The moment a student was pushed out of harm’s way by a police officer was caught on camera. 

Corporal Annette Goodyear  — an officer with the North East Police Department since 2008, and the first female to join the department — was on duty working as a crossing guard in Maryland.

Goodyear watched as a middle schooler started running to cross the street, the officer used her hand signals to let an approaching car know to stop.

But instead of slowing to a stop to let the child pass, the car continued forward.

The car was only inches from the student when the quick-thinking officer pushed the child out of the way.

Both she and the child landed on the pavement as a result, but Goodyear's actions likely saved the child's life. 

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