Inside Deals on 14-Piece Knife Set, Men’s 4-Piece Hair Care Kit, Headache Relief Ice Wrap — Up to 70% Off

June 3, 2023

Inside Edition has teamed up with and their lifestyle expert Anna De Souza who’s sharing some amazing Inside Deals with great discounts. The Ginsu Kiso 14-Piece Knife Set is dishwasher-safe and it's available in two different colors — for $39.99, it's 50% off. The Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers 4-Piece Hair Care Kit includes two men’s hair styling control pastes & two moisturizing shampoos — that's available for $24.99 at 70% off. The AllSett Health Headache Relief Ice Wrap includes a built-in eye ice pack — for just $12.99, it's 57% off. Visit to take advantage of these deals!

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