Meet the Man Who Was Taylor Swift's Landlord at 23 Cornelia Street

David Aldea said he didn't even know who she was at first.

What's it like to be Taylor Swift's landlord? David Aldea knows firsthand. 

But get this — he says he initially didn't even know who she was. 

"I got this call saying somebody by the name of Taylor Swift wanted to rent the place," Aldea told Inside Edition. "Although I had her songs on my running list, I didn't entirely know who the artist was."

Swift rented Aldea's $11 million-dollar New York townhouse in 2016 for nearly $40,000 a month while an apartment she bought nearby was being renovated. 

Once word got out she was living there, the paparazzi were everywhere. Luckily, Aldea says, the home had all the security amenities that Swift was looking for, including cameras and guards 24/7.

"I'd like to think that she felt safe the entire time that she was here," Aldea said. 

The home has four bedrooms and even an indoor lap pool, making it the perfect bachelorette pad. But Swift wasn't single for long, taking up with British actor Joe Alwyn while she lived there. 

She even sings about the home, 23 Cornelia Street, on her new album, "Lover."

So did Aldea ever meet Alwyn?

"A gentleman never speaks of such matters," he said.