Meet the Woman With the World's Biggest Mouth

At 5.7 inches wide and 2.56 inches long, Samantha Ramsdell's mouth is one of the largest in the world. She showed off her jaw-dropping skills to Inside Edition.

Samantha Ramsdell became an internet sensation when she started posting wacky videos of what she can fit into her mouth. 

“People were commenting and giving all of these different food items to try and I would do them, obligingly,” Ramsdell told Inside Edition.

The 31-year-old performer holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest mouth for a female. Her mouth measures 5.7 inches wide and 2.56 inches long.

“My mouth has always been my most unique feature,” Ramsdell said.

Inside Edition put Ramsdell to the test, and she was up for the challenge, showing off how she can fit an entire Big Mac in one bite and a mouthful of fries. She was even able to fit a whole can of soup in her mouth and tested how many carrots she could fit at one time. 

Watch the video in the player above to see what happened.

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