Dutch Designer Wilfred Stijger Now a Guinness World Record Holder After Creating World's Tallest Sand Castle

The sandcastle, which measures at about 21.16 meters tall, took five tons of sand and a team of 30 to put together.

 A sand palace in Denmark is now the tallest sand castle in the world.

The 21.16-meter tall work of art was unveiled this week in Denmark at a Sand Sculpture Festival. It’s over three meters taller than the previous record holder.  And it took nearly five tons of sand and a team of 30 to put it together.

"I'm amazed,” project leader John Andersen explains. “But I'm always amazed when the sculpturers are making the sand sculptures, but this year it's amazing. It's very, very, very beautiful artwork that you've never seen before."

The design has earned the praise of other sand castle aficionados and builders, and people from all over are coming to visit.

"It's beyond beautiful,” one visitor, Brian Pedersen, said. “It looks like a piece of architecture from Rome, something from the Medieval ages, and I'm just impressed, to say the least. Very impressed."

A lot is going on with the sandy edifice, and because it was built during a global pandemic, it’s adorned with coronavirus imagery. And according to the designer Wilfred Stijger, it carries a message.

“We started with the corona on top, and we gave it a crown because corona means crown, so it's nice and double,” he states.

“But we also gave it a crown because it is ruling our lives everywhere. It tells you what to do. It tells you to wear mouth protection. It tells you to stay away from your family and not to go to nice places. Don't do activities; stay home."

Guinness has certified the corona castle as the world’s tallest, and it’ll appear in the next edition of the Guinness book — unless someone builds a bigger one first.

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