Quirin Herterich and His German Slackline Team Sets Guinness World Distance Record in Sweden

The German daredevil and his team set their record in a remote valley in northern Sweden.

Talk about a high-wire act. Death-defier Quirin Herterich traversed two mountains over a mile apart. He did it walking on a slackline that’s only two inches wide and is 2,000 feet off the ground.

And in the end, he made it.

The German highliner was the first of a team of four that’s now in the Guinness World Record books. Their feat? Setting a distance record for slacklining one-point-three miles.

“So when I got closer to the anchor of this line, I screamed loudly,” new world-record slackliner Quirin Herterich explains. “I don't really know why. Maybe it's a mix of emotions.”

One can only imagine the emotions that come with risking life and limb as he did. 

Professional slackliners take lots of precautions, though. They have to be meticulous about safety measures, or their careers — and lives — could be short.

The pros say that to succeed, they need to keep calm up there and be almost meditative. 

Quirin and his team set their record in a remote valley in northern Sweden, in Lapland. There weren’t many people around to hear him shout, but he was heard loud and clear. It’s the cry of the best in the world.

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