Michigan Woman Rescued After Being Trapped in Bathtub for 5 Days

Alison Gibson said she became trapped when she couldn't reach the handrail to lift herself out. Fortunately, a postal worker noticed her mail piling up and became concerned.

A Michigan woman is grateful to be alive after getting stuck in her bathtub for nearly a week.

Alison Gibson said she became trapped when couldn't reach the handrail to lift herself up out of the tub inside her Chesaning home on Oct. 15.

“When I got cold, I ran the hot water. And when I got thirsty, I ran the cold water and drank the cold water out of my hand," she told Inside Edition. 

Gibson was beginning to lose hope when a postal worker came to her rescue five days later. He was concerned that her mail started piling up and alerted her neighbors. They went to check on her.

"Somebody was outside my window and they started yelling so I yelled back,” Gibson said.

That's when the cops were called. 

"In the bathroom when we opened the door the back of it was covered in mold, the floors were soaking wet, the paint on the walls was bubbling from all of the moisture and actually the ceiling was dripping wet,” Lansing Police Chief Wilborn told Inside Edition of the scene.

Gibson was taken to the hospital, where she stayed for four days before being released. 

She said she plans to have a walk-in tub installed soon.