Miller Lite Says They Will Venmo You $8 If You Type in This Ridiculously Long URL During the Super Bowl

Miller Lite
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Americans love the Super Bowl for more than just football. They also love the commercials.

This is why, in a troll, Miller Lite is swaying consumers to type in a ridiculously long URL to "burn calories" –– and to distract them from watching their competitor's commercials.

Michelob "Mich" Ultra also coins itself as a "light" beverage –– beating Miller Lite by a single calorie, according to Miller Lite's press release.

In a clever and competitive stint, Miller Lite is asking customers to write out a ridiculously long, "calorie burning" URL as a way to distract viewers from their competitor's commercial and a way to prove that a calorie is easy to burn off.

Miller Lite has 96 calories, compared to Michelob Ultra's 95 calories –– and they are determined to let their customers know that the extra calorie is worth the taste.

Plus, if you type out the 836-character URL –– without copy-and-pasting, which they call cheating–– you'll cash in eight dollars on Venmo, the money transfer app.

Cheating would be nearly impossible, though, since the beer company is only publishing the URL in either print or a form that cannot be copied and pasted.

“While ridiculous in length, we love the simplicity of it,” Paciorek says. “Type our 836-character URL during Ultra’s ad, burn the one extra calorie difference, and win some Miller Lite – a beer with more taste than Michelob Ultra.”

Michelob Ulta has "climbed the ranks" of top beer brands in the U.S., growing about 20%.

Miller Lite, which has stayed at the top, usually goes head-to-head with Bud Light, but since their sales have gone down, a new sheriff is in town.

Only the first 5,000 will win the award, and they must type in the URL with no typos.

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