Millionaire Wants Ex to Give Him Back Over $1M in Gifts After He Says He Learned She Posed on OnlyFans

Stephen Cloobeck, 59, claims he was conned by his 26-year-old former girlfriend because he didn't know she was posting adult content on OnlyFans. She claims he knew about the OnlyFans from the beginning and "thought it was hot."

A millionaire who gave his ex-girlfriend expensive gifts wants them back after he claims he found out she was shooting "porn" in his home and putting it on the website During their brief five months together, Stefanie Gurzanski, 26, says 59-year-old Stephen Cloobeck lavished her with more than $1 million in gifts.

“Everytime that he would want to take me to Chanel or anything, he would spend over $100,000,” Gurzanski told Inside Edition.

Cloobeck is worth an estimated $100 million — a fortune he made in the timeshare industry. Gurzanski said she considered him quite a catch, despite their age difference. But their relationship soured, and now the multimillionaire wants all his gifts back.

“Little did I know that while I was working in my various homes and my children were in the home and my employees, she was shooting porn in the bathrooms and putting it on OnlyFans,” Cloobeck told Inside Edition.

Gurzanksi confirmed she is a model on OnlyFans where she posts adult photos of herself for paying subscribers. She also has 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

When asked how Gurzanski duped him, Cloobeck said, “Well, you know what, we had a security failure, Jim. Our security folks did not unlock the pages on OnlyFans. We made a mistake. We saw the content that was extremely pornographic, which showed my assets used as backdrops.”

But Gurzanksi claims Cloobeck knew everything about her from the beginning.

“He used to call up his friends and say, ‘Hey, Stef’s outside taking photos.’ I was taking a photo on a horse and I was naked, and he called up his neighbor to come and watch. He actually loved it,” Gurzanksi said. “It was kind of like a routine. Everyday he would tell me how much he made on stocks and he would ask me how much I made on OnlyFans.”

Gurzanksi also said Cloobeck let her use his private plane to shoot nude content. “He loved it. He thought it was hot.”

“Fictitious, fictitious. She’s reckless. She’s a menace. She’s a con,” Cloobeck said of the allegation.

Gurzanksi’s lawyer, Arthur Barens, says that by asking for the gifts back, Cloobeck is trying to ruin her financially.

“He made it clear that he has tons of money and he would use that money to litigate with her to keep suing her until she went broke,” Barens said.

Cloobeck denies the claim, and says if she returns the gifts, he will donate them to charity.