Miya Marcano's Family Releases New Footage of Deceased Suspect Armando Caballero in Quest for Justice

Marcano's family says video was taken the day after Miya was reported missing.

Hoping for answers, the family of Miya Marcano has released video of an interaction with the deceased suspect in her disappearance, Armando Caballero.

"If I'm guilty, why would I come here?" Caballero said on the tape.

"You put yourself in the middle right here. You brought yourself over here," a family member replied.

Marcano's family said the video was taken around 3:45 a.m. on Sept. 25, the day after Miya was reported missing.

"You have sent obsessive texts to Miya. We have all seen the texts," the relative added. "You talked about giving her your life savings. There's evidence of obsession. You're fascinated with Miya."

Miya's family believes this video shows authorities could have acted earlier before Caballero killed himself.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said he was aware of the family's concerns but says there was nothing his deputies could have done at the time. 

"So we do recognize in that video the family mentions concerns about previous interactions between Miya and Armando Caballero," he said. "However, at the time that video was taken, there was no basis for our deputies to detain or arrest Armando Caballero.

"Our deputies are not permitted to arrest or detain someone based on a hunch or based on what someone else is saying. Instead, they must establish facts to justify such a detention," he said.

Miya Marcano's family planned to celebrate Carnival in Miami this weekend. Instead, they arrived from around the United States, Canada, Trinidad and other areas of the Caribbean for a press conference and to plan her memorial.

"This was supposed to be a time that was full of celebration and full of joy, but instead, it's full of sorrow," Marcano Family Attorney Daryl Washington said.

No lawsuits have been filed, but Washington places responsibility on both the apartment complex where Miya and the suspect worked and the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

"It's very clear there was some negligence involved in this case," he said. "That's no secret."

Miya's family said they plan to create a foundation in her name to advocate for people in similar situations.

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