Mother Calls 911 Inside a Texas Police Station and Confesses to Killing Her Two Children, Cops Say

This incident happened in Irving, Texas. The mother is charged with two counts of capital murder.

A mother who allegedly killed her two children went to a police station to use a payphone, call 911, and confess to the crime, authorities said. According to officers in Irving, Texas, 30-year-old Madison McDonald told the 911 operator that she sedated her daughters ages 1 and 6, and then tucked them into bed and smothered them.

Police went into the lobby and talked to her, and they said she revealed that her children were being abused and she was trying to protect them. Afterward, investigators went to the home and found the children dead.

According to Officer Robert Reeves, the ordeal was a hard one to process. “Anytime you go out on a scene like this, and you witness two young children that are deceased, that obviously is a call that stays with you.”

Madison McDonald is charged with two counts of capital murder. Her bond has been set at $6 million.