Texas Police Looking for Jack in the Box Suspect Who Stabbed Manager After Refusing to Wear Face Mask: Cops

Suspect James Schulz, 53
League City PD

The suspect has been identified as James Schulz, a white, bearded 53-year-old male. A warrant has now been issued for his arrest, reports CBS News.

Police are looking for a Texas man who allegedly stabbed a Jack in the Box shift manager after the suspect “belligerently refused” to wear a mask when he was asked. Officials described the suspect as a “transient” who gets around on a bicycle.

The suspect has been identified as James Schulz, a white, bearded 53-year-old male. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, CBS News reported. The incident took place on Wednesday at 8:10 pm at the Jack in the Box restaurant located at 1503 W. League City Pkwy.

According to police, the suspect walked into the store without a face mask. He was asked to wear one in order to be served or use the drive-thru in compliance with the establishment's COVID-19 mask policy. The man allegedly became hostile and accused the staff of not wanting to serve him because he was homeless, according to CNN.

During the assault, the assailant allegedly tackled the manager, then stabbed him multiple times in the arm and upper torso with what appeared to be a pocketknife, police said, according to CNN.

Many of the employees tried to intervene and come to the manager's aid, as the suspect fled on a bicycle. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital, treated, and released, according to a police statement.

Several pieces of evidence were recovered at the scene including a backpack and cellphone, which were possibly discarded as the person fled the scene, said police.

The attack comes one week after Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the state's mask mandate on March 10, despite warnings from public health officials, CBS News reported.

Under the new executive order, businesses are allowed to fully reopen; however, many individual businesses continue to enforce mask-wearing under their own policies, which they are permitted to do. 

During a Thursday news briefing, League City Police Chief Gary Ratliff called it “a very polarizing situation.”

"Some folks don't believe that there should be masks and others do,” Ratliff said. He stressed that there is "no reason" to “resort to aggressive behavior like this.” 

“All I would ask is that people respect the opinions and the policies of these businesses.”

League County Police Department asks anyone with information to call 281-332-2566.