Mystery Surrounds Death of Florida Mom and 3-Year-Old Twins Found in Car as Police Investigate

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Police said the investigation is active, and detectives are working with the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office to learn more about their deaths, according to the Melbourne Police Department.

A mother and her 3-year-old twins were found dead in their car that was parked outside of a Florida apartment complex, officials said, according to published news reports.

The woman was identified as Andrea Langhorst, 35, of St. Lucie County, and her biological children, Olivia and Adam Dryer, according to a statement issued to Inside Edition Digital by Melbourne Police PIO Shaun Hill.

The disturbing discovery was made on Sunday around 10:50 p.m. when Melbourne Police Department responded to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle that was parked inside the Manatee Cove Apartments complex located at 746 Madelyn Way, in Melbourne, Fl., the statement said.

Officials said when officers arrived, all three people were found deceased, the statement said. 

It is unclear how long the mother and her children were in the car, WFTV9 ABC News reported. 

A 911 caller told the authorities that she did not live at the apartment complex but was calling on behalf of someone who told them that a car had been parked in the Manatee Cove parking lot by the trash can area. She said there was a bad stench coming from the vehicle, according to the audio recording obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

“The windows are all fogged. There is a really bad odor coming out of it, but you can’t see into the car because the windows are so fogged,” the female caller said, in part. 

“Do you know if there are any flies around the vehicle?” the operator asked the caller

The caller replied: “Somebody said there were vultures earlier today, but don’t know how accurate that is,” she said.

“Okay. I will get somebody there to check it out,” the operator said. 

The detectives said Langhorst appeared to be living transiently out of her vehicle along the east coast of Florida, Hill said.

Police said the investigation is active, and detectives are working with the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office to learn more about their deaths.

“We have no reason to believe there is an active or persistent danger to the community,” police said, according to the statement.

Langhorst’s grieving father, Randy Langhorst, told WFTV that his daughter had spent the month of December at his home. 

He said that she had friends all over the Melbourne area, and did not believe that she was living out of her vehicle, the news outlet reported. 

He described his daughter as a “free spirit and smart as a whip, who lived her life to the beat of her own drummer," The New York Post reported.

He said they spoke often and that he had contacted the authorities when he didn’t hear from her. March 11 was the last time they had spoken, the news outlet said. 

Detective asks the public for anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Melbourne Police Department at 321-608-6371.

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