Nearly 92% of Americans Are Getting 2nd Vaccine Dose, Only 5 Million Have Missed That Appointment, CDC Says

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The published study says that 92% of Americans who have already received their first shot of the vaccine went to get their second dose within the recommended time period. But at least 5 million, or 8%, Americans may have missed their second dose.

A new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a majority of Americans have received their second coronavirus vaccine dose, with about 8% missing their follow-up shots.

The study published on April 9 said 92% of residents who received their first shot of the vaccine returned for their second dose within the recommended time period, The New York Times reported.

The data from the CDC counted people who received their first Moderna shot by March 17 and a Pfizer injection by March 14.

Some people said that they feared suffering side effects from a second jab, and others said they felt one dose was enough protection, according to The Times.

Another reason why folks missed their second dose was that some large-scale providers, such as drug store chains, ran out of vaccines.

To deal with that problem, people were directed to other providers, but some said they didn't want "the hassle" of going to another location.

Dr. John Brownstein an epidemiologist at Boston Children's Hospital told ABC News he suspects busy work schedules may have resulted in some people missing their second appointments.

Misinformation could also be attributed to why individuals are receiving only one dose, he said, noting that some may think they are sufficiently immune with just one dose.

Some have even missed their second doses because vaccine providers canceled appointments because of bad weather, Gayle Resetar, the chief health officer for Tidelands, a South Carolina-based program, told The Times.

“It was up to the individual to reschedule themselves on a web portal or web platform, and that just became difficult for people,” Resetar told the outlet.

So far, nearly 86 million Americans, or 26%, have been fully vaccinated in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require two doses in order to be fully vaccinated. Recipients of the Pfizer vaccine must wait three weeks before receiving their second dose and those getting Moderna must wait a month.

The only single-dose vaccine that has been distributed is made by Johnson & Johnson but there was a pause this month after a few cases were linked to a rare, but serious, blood clotting side effect.

Patients who haven't received the dose within the recommended three and four-week frame still have time, the agency said. The CDC says individuals can still qualify for as long as six weeks after the first dose.

Nearly 32 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus and more than 571,000 have died.

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