New York Cop Saves Chicken From Getting Fried in Shed Fire

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A New York police officer saved a chicken from a burning home just in time. 

Officer Patrick McGovern responded to a shed fire in Ossining and when he began removing propane tanks from the area, he found a chicken on the loose.

Body camera footage captured McGovern chasing down the animal and taking it out of harm’s way. 

“I got your chicken,” McGovern said as he grabbed the animal.

The Ossining Police Department joked on its Facebook page that it would nominate McGovern for “Lifesaving Award.”

“Congratulations, Officer McGovern. Since the ‘Lifesaving Award’ doesn’t specifically prohibit the subject of your bravery from being poultry, we will put you in for an award because, well, this is a story that’s too good to let go of,” police wrote. 


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