Newborn Girl Safely Delivered by Massachusetts Police Officer When Mom Goes Into Labor on New Year's Day

Officer Zack Hall holds baby Sophia shortly after helping deliver her.
Officer Zack Hall holds baby Sophia shortly after helping deliver her. Agawam Police Department

A Massachusetts police officer started his year off with a good deed when, just after midnight, he helped a pregnant woman in labor deliver her baby girl. Baby Sophia was born just a few hours after midnight, thanks to Agawam Police Officer Zack Hall.

Hall had been working a shift in the early hours of New Year’s Day when he responded to a call around 2:45 a.m., police said. 

He didn’t realize how urgent the call was until he saw the dad getting nervous, which is when he said he jumped into action, he told People.

"As a cop, you don’t really have the time to focus on nerves or emotions,” the 34-year-old officer told People. “We just do what we are trained to do."

Moments later, Hall helped deliver the newborn baby girl, officials said. He could be seen smiling from ear-to-ear holding the newborn baby girl as he stood in her family’s kitchen in a photo shared by authorities shortly after the birth.

The Agawam Police Department was apparently just as excited as Hall for the big moment, writing: "Congratulations, Mom, Dad, and baby Sophia!"


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