Newlyweds Give Their First Dance to Groom’s Grandparents Who Wed in 1957

It was a moment 65 years in the making, as Elaine and Morty Graff took to the dance floor at their grandson's wedding.

The year was 1957, and Elaine and Morty Graff had just gotten married. But a recent death in the family meant no music or dancing was allowed at their wedding, in accordance with Jewish tradition. 

“Morty isn't a dancer to begin with, so,” Elaine tells Inside Edition. 

“As little dancing as I do, I wanted to dance with my bride,” Morty said. 

Fast forward over six decades to the wedding of their grandson, Zachary, and they finally got their chance. 

“Grammy and grandpa, come to the dance floor,” the groom said, alongside his bride, Samantha. “You're gonna have your first dance with the song that you wanted.”

It was a moment 65 years in the making, as Elaine and Morty took to the floor and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" played over the speakers.

“On their special day to give us that honor, it was just — oh my God,” Elaine said.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

“We don't mind giving away the spotlight. It was for grammy and grandpa. And we would do anything for them,” Samantha said.

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