Nurse Goes Straight to Work After Escaping 133-Car Pileup in Texas


One nurse is lucky to be alive following a 133-car pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, which has now taken the life of at least six people, according to reports.

Nurse Rebecca Benson was on her way to work when she hit the ice slicked bridge and couldn’t stop. She managed to escape the pileup and actually found a coworker in the melee and they managed to go straight to work.

She told Inside Edition that she did half a shift and is fine except from soreness.

“The fact that I'm not severely injured or dead is a miracle,” she said.

Another woman, Alicia Stone, also managed to escape the pileup from her mangled car.

"I was hitting my breaks; they wouldn't work,” she told Inside Edition.

She crawled out the shattered back window of her car and said the sight she saw left her stunned, explaining, “there were cars stacked on top of cars.”


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