NYC Woman Arrested in Park After Walking Dogs Without Leashes

Dora Marchand is speaking out about the incident, in which she says she was handcuffed for two hours and taken to a holding cell, before being released.

A New York City woman was arrested for walking her dogs without leashes. 

Dora Marchand, 29, was with her Australian shepherds in Manhattan’s Riverside Park when she was approached by two law enforcement officers. She says at first the officers were going to let her go with a warning, but they placed her in handcuffs after she was unable to produce her ID, which she says she left in her apartment.

Marchand says she was taken to a holding cell and handcuffed for two hours before being released.

Considering the crime wave sweeping America, social media is blowing up with reaction.

“With all the obvious [crime] everywhere we look—this is the one that law enforcement decided to pursue?” one comment said.

A photographer caught up with her hours after her release and she still didn't have her dogs on a leash.

The Parks Department defended what happened, saying what's not on tape is the woman becoming confrontational and not cooperating when she was asked to show identification.

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