Oklahoma Soccer Referee Makes It His Mission to Expose Misbehaving Parents on Website

Brian Barlow, of Tulsa, offers $100 to anyone who sends in a video of unruly parents.

A youth soccer referee in Oklahoma is on a mission to get the out-of-control brawling among parents to stop. 

"When parents start losing their minds and start losing their common sense, it creates a toxic environment for the game,” referee Brian Barlow told Inside Edition. 

Barlow of Tulsa has had enough of the fighting and has created a Facebook page called Offside, and is offering $100 to anyone who sends in videos of parents going nuts on the field.

"We’re gonna videotape you," he warned. "We are gonna shame you. We're gonna make fun of you, because the sport doesn't need it. The players don't need it." 

Barlow said he's received nearly 4,000 videos to post, but many parents don't like what he's doing.

"There are some people saying we are going too far and should do something different," he added.

The National Association of Sports Officials says 70 percent of refs quit the job within the first three years. 

Barlow recalled another ref reaching out to him at one point, saying, "I quit. I'm done. I don't make enough money and it's not worth my time."

Barlow hopes shaming out of control adults will put an end to scenes he has witnessed. 

"All we should be doing is cheering on our kids — win or lose," he said.