Oklahoma Teen Wins the Title of America's 'Best Mullet'

Close up of Tyler Billingsley's, 16, mullet; Robb Cherry, owner of Eleven 01 Barber Lounge with Billingsley.
Robb Cherry

Tyler Billingsley's 'modern mullet' is "'business in the front and party in the back' style, but with a twist," said barber Robb Cherry, creator of the teens's award-winning hairdo.

The 'mullet,' a hairdo made famous in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, worn by musicians and movie stars, may be making a comeback thanks to one teenager from Oklahoma.

Sixteen-year-old Tyler Billingsley of Broken Arrow, OK  mullet was voted best in America in the teen division by the USA Mullet Championships. 

“I couldn't believe it. I don't really know what to say. It was incredible,” said Billingsley, who won with nearly 8,000 votes, News 9 previously reported.

Aside from the title for “Best Mullet.” Billingsley also won a thousand-dollar prize that he said he plans to put towards a pickup truck.

Billingsley barber, Robb Cherry, owner of the Eleven 01 Barber Lounge told Inside Edition Digital that he was the person who inspired the teen to enter the national competition.  

“As soon as Tyler walked in and I saw his red hair, I said, it's perfect," Cherry said.

He continued: “The best thing I love about Tyler’s [hair] is that it is more of a comb-over mullet. We tried some different styles and ended up with the modern mullet, a pompadour style with a mullet in the back, that isn’t very bushy."

Before Cherry got too excited, he said he had to ask Billingsley and get the approval of his mom to enter him into the national competition. Once he got the green light, it was go time.

Cherry said his 'modern mullet' masterpiece on the teen was “a little Billy Ray Cyrus and a little Joe Exotic."

“Tyler goes to the biggest high school in Oklahoma, so we wanted his hair to be cool in school," Cherry said. "His hair is still 'business in the front and party in the back style,' but with a twist."

Since the story aired, Cherry has become sort of the “mullet master,” as one of his customers put it, and it's been mullet mania ever since. “I got about 50 calls and 23 messages about appointments,” Cherry said.

However, Cherry adds that his mullet isn’t for everyone. “You definitely got to have confidence. Moxie, confidence, everything... and thick skin,” said Cherry enthusiastically.

Billingsley, who has been wearing a mullet since he was 14, and is feeling pretty good, agrees with Cherry and said:  “my hair suits me perfectly.”

He also said he plans to enter next year’s competition and hopes to win all over again.

In the meantime, Cherry told Inside Edition Digital that one of his clients who heard about Billingsley's win told Cherry that he wants to enter into the adult division next year. 

Cherry added, "Now, all we need is a woman to wear a mullet and enter into the women's division so we can get a clean sweep," he laughed.

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