Overnight Summer Camp Prepares to Welcome Kids After Lost Year Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak put a damper on sleep away camp in 2020.

For many kids, going to sleepaway camp is what summer is all about and after coronavirus put a damper on summer 2020 plans, camps are expected to return as they were pre-pandemic, but with certain limitations.

Richard and Stephanie Moss own Camp Lenox in Massachusetts, which has been around for 102 years. They told Inside Edition that they believe the kids and staff and have really sacrificed the last year-and-a-half.

Seven children who Inside Edition met said they cannot wait to go back.

“I'm so excited to get back to the place that I love,” one youngster said.

“I think camp is all of our second homes,” said another.

“I have not been able to be out and see my friends and as a teen you really need that,” said another camper.

Richard and Stephanie estimate that 70%  of their sleepaway campers will be vaccinated, but they're still putting in place strict measures to combat the potential spread of COVID-19. They said campers will be tested for coronavirus four days before they arrive at camp, when they arrive at camp, and four days later. 

New rules like mandatory hand washing will be enforced.

“It's not just being surrounded by a big group of people, but it's people you love, and I think it will be a totally exciting experience, especially this year, to be at camp with that many people,” said one camper.

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