Panda Cubs Tumble and Play as Zoogoers Applaud Their Acrobatics

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What’s black, white and red all over?

A panda cub rolling around on his brightly colored ball, of course!

Four fun-loving panda cubs were caught in the act as they romped around a playground at a zoo in China.

The adorable balls of energy showed off their skills for a crowd of visitors at a local zoo in Shenyang in China’s Liaoning Province, footage obtained by APTN showed.

Fafa, the only male panda cub in the brood, was especially frisky and could be seen rolling over on the ground, beating the cold weather and later running and hitting his toy by the enclosure’s wall.

Pupu was more content pushing a swing until the seat tipped over, while Bingqing and Binghua prefer to roll from one point to another.

But after a long day of play, all four cubs can be found stretching back and relaxing in their hammocks.

Their act was a hit with visitors, who gave the cubs a huge round of applause.


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