Pennsylvania Teen Dies in Freak Accident Involving a Wood Chipper While Working

"Police do not cross" yellow tape

17-year-old Isiah Bedocs was at work as part of a tree removal crew when he got sucked into a wood chipper.

A young Lehigh County boy suffered a tragic death due to an accident at work involving a wood chipper on Tuesday afternoon. 

WFMZ reported Isiah Bedocs,17, was at his job as a member of a tree removal crew Tuesday afternoon in North Whitehall Township when he was partially sucked into a wood chipper. 

Bedocs was flown via Medivac to the Lehigh Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead due to multiple traumatic injuries over an hour after the initial accident, WFMV reported.

A neighbor told WFMZ that the owner of the house had just recently hired the crew to help out with the property since he had a few bigger trees to remove.

The State Police, the U.S Department of Labor, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were involved in the investigation that ultimately ruled the death as an accident, WFMZ reported.

Bedocs was homeschooled but enrolled through Whitehall Coplay School District, where they have offered counseling to any students needing it after the tragic loss of a community member, as reported by WFMZ.

"My condolences to his family. My heart goes out to them, again it's just horrific that something like that had to happen. It's tough enough to lose someone so young, and to lose them so horrifically is just, it's beyond belief," the neighbor told WFMZ. 

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