Pennsylvania Teen Jumps From 2nd Story Window of Burning House

The teen is recovering from smoke inhalation.

A Pennsylvania teenager trapped on the second floor of his burning home is alive after jumping from the window, all thanks to some coaxing from a police officer and neighbors who came to help.

The terrifying moment was captured on the officer’s body camera after he rushed to the scene.   

“Hey, buddy! Hang your hands down, and I am right below you. All right? Can you put your hands in a hang?” officer Alexander Wildberger told the teen.

Wildberger began coughing as thick smoke overwhelmed him.

"The whole front of the house was on fire, and there was thick, black smoke coming out of every window that I could see," Wildberger told Inside Edition.

Neighbors in Lancaster County stepped in to do what they could to get the boy to jump.

They all braced for impact. The teen actually crashed into a first-floor window on the way down, but he was safe.

“It truly wasn't just me. The community came together and helped someone who needed help,” Wildberger said.

The teen is now recovering after being treated for smoke inhalation.

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